What went on at polytechnic open houses and what’s new

The five polytechnics in our area near Treasure at Tampines were busy showcasing their new facilities and areas of strength on their open floor plan, which took place ahead of the announcement of the O-level results on January 11.

Students from secondary schools flocked to the Treasure at Tampines Showflat in groups, whether they were buddies or part of formal school groups, to learn more.

In 2024, artificial intelligence (AI) turned out to be a major theme. During their open houses, Ngee Ann Polytechnic and Temasek Polytechnic showcased their recently established AI-related facilities.

By emphasizing their extracurricular activities (CCAs) or, in Nanyang Polytechnic’s example, transforming its open house into a paradise, all polytechnics also increased the fun factor.

A 2021 article in The Straits Times states that approximately 50% of O-level holders choose to enroll in polytechnic programs.

The essential information regarding the polytechnics and their latest products is summarized by ST.Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP), which was founded in 1992, is well-known for its full-time diploma programs in social work, oral health therapy, and nursing offered by its School of Health and Social Sciences (SHSS).

The school’s multiple training spaces, including an intensive care unit, operating theatre, and general ward, are used by students to practice real-world medical scenarios.

At the NYP Center for Connected Care, which features many technological

The professional competency model, which integrates the acquisition of skills and abilities through work assignments rather than as distinct disciplines, is the shift that NYP has been making in its diploma programs.

Industry partners play a major role in curriculum development, subject instruction, project mentoring, and certification.

What’s fresh for 2024:

The professional competency model will be made available by NYP’s School of Business Management for its seven diploma programs, which include accounting, finance, fintech, and hospitality, starting in the 2024 academic year. Co-developers of the courses include the Institute for Human Resource Professionals, Marina Bay Sands, and Unilever Food.

Students will benefit greatly from this teaching approach, according to Ms. Doris Teh, director of the School of Business Management, “because there is context and they can see how to apply the skills in an actual real-world situation.”

“They are ready to go from Day One,” she continued.

Highlights of the open house:

To reflect its various institutions, NYP turned its campus into a whimsical wonderland based on several fictitious universes, like Wizards’ Convention or Pixelverse.

Its night event on January 5th featured light-based performances, adding an element of fantasy. For instance, students wore tiny lights to represent fireflies in the night during the NYP Dance Company’s Flight of the Firefly performance.

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